Logistics systems:

  • Design and manufacture of conveyor belts, roller tracks, and chain tracks (for individual, special areas of use) in mechanical and food industry designs.
  • Planning and implementation of complex transport systems (logistics systems between technological operations of a workpiece, warehouse logistics systems).
  • Solution of special and unique material handling tasks, design and production of material handling equipment (manipulators, grippers).
  • Design and construction of robot cells.

Measuring and testing equipment:

  • Instrumented leakage testing (leak-test) and cross-section testing (flow-test) equipment used in large series production.
  • Water leakage control equipment used in small series and at product launch.
  • Design, manufacture and installation with warranty of geometric dimension checking equipment (with contact sensors, optical non-contact devices).

Industrial automation:

  • We design special target machines to solve unique problems that arise during production in order to reduce production efficiency, downtime, and the scrap rate.
  • Partial and even complete automation of technological processes.
  • Design and manufacture of PLC industrial controls. Development of individual computer data collection systems.
  • Design and manufacture of marking equipment (laser, mechanical, inkjet). Development of product tracking systems.
  • Our service includes the design and construction of unique, purpose-built machines that meet the customer’s needs, from conception to commissioning.

Engineering services:

  • Computer 3D-2D design (Inventor, AutoCAD), creation of production drawing documentation.
  • Development of logistics systems projects, creation of system plans, implementation, commissioning.