LogMas Kft.

Company history:

Our company designs and manufactures its machines as a main contractor according to the customers’ needs and puts them into operation with a guarantee. In addition to thorough preparation and careful CAD planning, the efficiency of the unique development is enhanced by the designer’s production support covering every detail. In addition to careful planning, production and testing, the high quality of our products is also guaranteed by the high quality of the built-in materials.

During the more than 30-year history of our company, more than 300 machine designs have been completed.

Among our most important partners are renowned automotive supplier companies (NEMAK Győr Kft., BOSCH group, Le Bélier group), food industry (Nestlé), domestic and foreign chemical companies (Mol group, Chinoin Zrt, Greif Hungary kft) and companies related to these companies. He has more than 10 years of working relationship with most of the companies.

Logmas Kft



Logmas Kft. was founded in 1989 by the University of Miskolc and Gesellschaft für Prozessautimation GmbH (GPA) in Dortmund with the intention of supporting the industrial implementation of university research results in the field of logistics. In the first years, the company was involved in the design of material handling machines and industrial material handling systems and the preparation of logistics studies.


In 1995, FAM Magdeburger Förderanlagen und Baumaschinen GmbH, which acquired GPA, acquired a 51% share of LogMaS Kft. The many years of experience of our employees as industrial designers made it possible for the company’s scope of activities to expand with the design and production of unique equipment and special machines with a high degree of automation.


In 2002, FAM GmbH acquired 100% ownership. Thus, our company operated as a subsidiary of a medium-sized German company, under its close controlling supervision, but with complete professional independence. In 2003, we established our branch office in Gyöngyös, which provided the service and sales representation of our German parent company, FAM.


In 2021, our company became 100% Hungarian-owned. You can continue to build on our experience in the fields of custom machine manufacturing, production automation and robotics. We design and manufacture complete systems tailored to your unique needs.